Math Quiz

This game will let you practice your math. Select what you want to work on below, then click button one and then button two. If you want to change any of the information you entered you can do so at any time. Then click button one and button two to start again. If you want to restart without changes, just click button 2. (This game has now been optimized for IE and Mozilla Firefox. If using a Mac please reload this screen before starting a new game, then set your parameters, etc.)

Enter number of questions for the quiz:

Enter the range of numbers to be used:
(e.g. if you want to work on times tables from 1 to 10, enter 1 in the first box and 10 in the second.)
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If you want to work on tables with a specific number, enter that number.
(e.g. for 2x 1 through 2 x 10, choose 1 to 10 above, 2 here and 'x' below.)
Negative Subtraction OK
(If you know how to work with negatives, check here.)

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Here we go!