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January 13, 2020: Please note that there once again seem to be some server issues making it impossible to access the site. If the links below give you an error message, please contact me by email for a temporary link. I am looking into alternatives, but that will take a while. If you could e-transfer or paypal me using the above link with any amount you might owe, it would be much appreciated. (Please see chart below)

The GST-QST Quick Method Calculator is designed to help you prepare your quarterly tax return for the Quick Method. The rates used are those for businesses that supply services. It will also calculate any ITC as a result of depreciable capital purchases (Box 106/206). Other adjustments and ITCs/ITRs are not calculated, but may be added in a future version. It was designed with the Quebec tax system in mind. There is a customizable HST calculator. Default values are set up for Ontario, but you can change them to suit your needs.. (If you're interested in any other customised version, please contact us.)

Please note that when working online, no data is being transmitted from your computer. All calculations are done on your computer with the help of your browser. It is 100% private and secure ( assuming that your system is otherwise protected from hackers and viruses). If you work online you are assured of always working with the newest version .

Once again, this calcualtor applies on if you use the Quick Method and file quarterly. Check General Information concerning the GST/HST - Guide for Registrants or General Information concerning the QST and the GST for details.

Sample pages (mouse-over the links ):
GST/QST form Results for filing HST form (customizable) Results for filing
Please send us your feedback: questions, requests, bugs....Check back frequently for updates and changes.

Please note: We have thoroughly tested this calculator and have made every effort to make it perfect (we use it ourselves);however, we cannot be held responsible for any errors in filing that you may feel are as a result of using it. Our calculations are based on the relevant federal and provincial publications as well as consultation with tax officials.

Although we have offered this product for free for many years, we feel that, in fairness to those who regularly contribute, it is necessary to charge for its use. The fee is no more than the suggested donation amount that we already had. If you have already made a contribution in the last year, you should have received an e-mail with free access for the remainder of the time paid for. (Click on "Returning User" and enter the details.)There are various options. Please see options below and refer back to this page for option details. We thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons the charge is still in $US. We hope to rectify this as soon as possible, but it is beyond our control. Users who sign up for the annual plus in US$ will get a free one time filing added once their year runs out.
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One time filing: GSTQST 1 or HST 1$6 One time access to the site during the period of one week from purchase.
One time filing plus: GSTQST plus or HST plus$9 Allows you to return to the site once during a 2 week period.
Annual: GSTQST annual or
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$24 Allows you to use the site five times for a year's worth of filing: 10 months, starting from the time you sign up.
Annual plus: GSTQST annual plus or
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$30 Allows you to use the site nine times for year's worth of filing: 10 months, starting from the time you sign up.
One time filing top-up: GSTQST or HST top-up$4 One time access to the site. Requires active purchase of GSTQST 1 or HST 1.


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